3-d Tiled Poinsetta Tutorial

Tiled poinsetta relief

Basic net 1  White side up if applicable

 View 2  Push in

View three

View 4 

View 5 

This pattern shows up if you push all the vertices in.

This is a different approach to my normal 3-d tessellations.  It has a few more limitations, but I have started playing with changing proportions and what I push in or out.  It has a structural integrity that I really like.  The basic net/tessellation I am working off of has most likely been done before (ten times over).  To hazzard a guess I would say Joel, Eric, Jane, or Christiane to name a few. 


2 comments so far

  1. Mélisande* on

    The basic tessellation may be a classique, let me say your interpretation of it is quite innovative. Congratulations !

  2. STEVEN on

    just discovered your blog from your post in origamilist group =)Would like to tell you that i’ve been looking at your tesselation works in flickr group since long time ago ,keep it up!

    by the way, i’ve changed my blog url to http://www.phienix.blogspot.com

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