I Love Oschene’s Heptagonal Forays

000_6796.jpg 000_6797.jpg000_6801.jpg

Ahhh the good old heptagon, much maligned-good design.  Phillip Chapman Bell posted two crease patterns recently one a septagon crease pattern for a poof and the other a circle with an inscribed heptagon pattern for a container.  The poof one I havn’t done, but his circle container inspires love of directional crease patterns.  The finished container is strong and aesthetically pleasing.  I’ve been playing way to much today with these tricky sevens.  So if you have the chance go visit


and attempt his marvelous designs.

Seven Pointed Star Bowl


The heptagon poof


 Minor varient.  I just inverted and rotated the tips.


3 comments so far

  1. Philip Chapman-Bell on

    Good morning, Christine:

    Things are up an running, more and less, and here are some updated links:


  2. Elvira- on

    me agradarìa recibir diagramas o direcciones de diagramas, de nivel complejo- GRACIAS !!!!!!!!!!!

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