Columbia Exhibit Pictures

It took awhile, but here they are.  This is a selection of photos from the exhibit “it’s all in the fold” coordinated by Bill Drendel.  My pieces are in the second row.  The third row starts with models folded by Ty Perez and then has Chris Palmer’s work.  The fourth row is Bradford Smith, Lang, and LaFosse.  The menger sponge was folded by Joshua Koppel and the tessellations on the wall are done by a Mrs. Hanson whose husband was also in the exhibit. 





Although there was a lot of fascinating and beautiful artwork my favorite pieces were…


They are Nishimura circles, a collection of simple, but elegant architectural folds from Peter Seller?, and a silk tessellation from Palmer.

The rest of the photos will be posted to flickr within a few weeks.

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  1. Jeff on

    Very nice pix…and a wall o’ Edison too.


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