Blue Gothic

I’ve been revisting an old design to use as a framwork to modify.   When I am finished this piece might be technically called a corrugation.  If I pulled on either edge it would pull apart.  In other words there are no twists or locking mechanisms.  This creates an interesting framework, but also means that humidity wreaks havoc on the design.  The next one I do will be constrained on the outer edges, reinspired by Ben Parker, to better hold in the 3d design.  This is not a poof, but a recollapsed model.


… some time later…

After seeing young Ben’s work I couldn’t remember why I didn’t keep with spread squashing (I never squashed successively like he did).  I used a single spread squash when I folded the tree of life


As I work on the new piece the answer comes.  It is not a clean squash.  My symmetry is slightly askew and each successive squash gets worse.  I may try with a paper other than elephant’s hide.  I will post the current design when finished. 

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