Origami Exhibition

At times I am a tad bit slow to post.  Friday night an origami exhibit opened.  It isn’t large, but is beautifully curated by Bill Drendel.  Quite a few well known artists and regional origami enthusiasts/artists are represented: Lang, LaFosse, Nishimura, Chris Palmer, Bradford, Ty Perez, Joshua Koppel, moi, and a whole lot more. 

It’s All In The Fold:  More Than Just Origami

July 27-August 25, 2007

Opening: Friday, July 27th, 5:30-7:30

It’s All In The Fold-More than just Origami is an exhibition that takes a world view of the way paper transforms itself when folded.  More than an amusement, origami today also teaches mathematics and geometry.  It’s more than just cranes and snowflakes.  Try tessellations or tetrahedrons, dodecahedrons and other polygons.  Origamic furniture, folded paper lamps, airplanes and a few naughty folds are all on the horizon.  Chicago and national origami and international paper folding artists and teachers will amaze you the the dexterity of their folds.

Gallery hours 10am-6pm Monday thru Saturday

Columbia College of Chicago

Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts

The exhibit was lovely. Bill did an amazing job setting everything up.  Bradford’s circle creations were wonderful, but my absolute favorite was Nishimura’s circle creations.  I loved them from pictures, but in person the shifting shadows are breathtaking.  Ty has a nice setup and there are pieces from LaFosse and Lang.  Chris Palmer had a lot of his fabric tessellations, which are my favorite things of his.  Joshua Koppel and his family was there, displaying a menger sponge.  A beautiful installation of origami cranes by Ty created a visual feast of moveable shadows.  There was also a computer display by Green Fuse Films’ Venessa Gould.  http://www.greenfusefilms.com/mingei.html

Ty’s mother Jody Perez is an amazing artist in another field and blogged about the exhibition, her entry has all the participants and links to websites.  http://judyperez.blogspot.com/2007/07/my-sons-first-exhibit.html


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