The Brilliance of Polly

(Left:  Ba-The physical manifestation of the immortal soul. 

Right:  Gryphon-Photo by CS Stevens)

I’ve been waiting to post this because I was hoping Polly would post a picture of the Hippocampus I got from her in New York.  I shall wait no more.  Polly Verity is an artist in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Brilliantly she incorporates wire, paper, and origami.  I can’t claim to be clever in art interpretation, but I know what amazes and moves me.  The integration of  mediums is unique and wholly her own.  Her pieces vary from the whimsical to a creature that embodies the soul.  My hippocampus, a mythical half horse/half sea serpent, expresses a magnificence that cannot be captured in two dimensions.  It has individual teeth and a tongue coming out.  The hippocampus ate raw meat and was not a cuddly critter, Polly Verity captured the essence in form and does impeccable work.  I highly recommend checking out her work on flickr and her website.  If you can, I advocate picking up a Polly of your own, if not, she is a great artist to know about.


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