Mask Maker, Mask Maker, Make Me a Mask


As stated previously Joel aided my mask endeavor over the weekend in New York.  The two masks I did with the sheet creased by Jane, Bekah, and I were posted, but I wanted to try to expand on a larger grid to try to tessellate around the face.  Arrrrrgh!  Not so easy (not that I thought it was), the direction of creases take on a whole new meaning.  I accidently expanded the features so I didn’t have as much extra paper to play with. 

I reverted a little in that it is not secured with as many internal twists as I was shown and has some features obtained by wet folding (eyebrows), so it does not have the structural integrity of Joel’s masks. 

This is going to be irksome…points of struggle are/will be eyes, direction of creases, eyebrows, cheek structure.  Ideas are cheap, those I have, execution of said ideas… a whole ‘nother dinosaur.

More shots here


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