Gone Foldin-Back Again

Back from the sleep deprived whirlwind that was New York.  The exhibit was amazing, although when I have seen photos I think I must have sleep-walked through it, because I don’t remember much of what I see in the photos.

  • As usual R. Lang, J. Wu (I’m sadly in love with his Really BLUE Ox), and J. Cooper awed with their paper skills. 


(Ox-unfinished, as shown.  Sorry to Joseph, but I accidently deleted the good shot)

  • Satoshi Kamiya was one of the guests and I’m full of admiration-his work is insanely detailed.  He also taught a bear in my first class which I adore. 


  • Polly Verity brought her corrugation creations and beautiful spirit. 
  • Ray Schamp exhibited and taught a wonderful Monday class on corrugations, clarifying some terminology and ensnaring many. 
  • Eric, the young published paperologist;), taught two tessellation classes and brought his better half Bekah (a queen of all trades and mistress of all.) 
  • Tactom also had a monday class on Voronoi molecules and many things I don’t understand (but wish I did.) 
  • We got to see Sippo’s puffer fish, dung beetle, and realistic crustacean. 
  • I can’t break down all I saw, so if I forgot to mention anything forgive my sieve-like memory.
  •  Christiane brought boxes and tessellations and amazed everyone with her creations.
  • Young Ben Parker took my peculiar sense of humor with good grace and it was great fun to see him get so excited about folding Hilberts.
  • The Columbian contingent Ana, George, and Andrea brought knowledge and a host of interesting conversation.
  • Mustn’t forget Phillip Chapmen Bell.  The curved gentleman who created the lunoid.
  • Took several classes with BKWebb who turns out to have a name other than BK!
  • Met Chris Palmer and Jeff Rutzky (a man who’s love of Jen Stark has brought a terrific artist to my attention), interesting gentlemen.
  • I owe much thanks to Joel and Jane.  Jane and Bekah both worked on folding the grid that has become two unfinished masks.  Joel I owe much thanks to for sitting and giving me tips, advice, hands on assistence, and the presence of mind not to rip apart what frustrates me.  Jane thanks for harassing him to aide moi and folding me the wax paper, I will hairdryer it tonight.
  • Many fabulous people and things were seen, but my mind still has focusing issues.



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