Hexangle Box

                       box and top

The funny thing is I never was very interested in  making boxes when I first started; yet they seem the easiest thing for me to design and make.  I started with a circle, the base is a hexagon, and the box is a equilateral triangle.  The top and bottom are the same.  On the crease pattern treat the straight line as valley folds.hexangle crease pattern

hexangle help1hexangle help2hexangle help3000_4488.jpg


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  1. lynn on

    is there any way you can teach me how to make this box?
    i need it for a project I need to do on japan.
    please send me some pctures and step by step instructions so i am able to make the box.

    please and thank-you!

  2. cedison on

    Lynn, I am going to give you some instructions and when you have a problem shoot me a post, which goes to e-mail and I will if necessary send a picture. Just so everyone understands this box can be done from scratch, but I would not post all the steps I took to get to the crease pattern, because it would be a huge number of steps and give you a messy result.

    1. Go to the circle crease pattern and print it out. If possible use a heavier paper.
    2. Crease all the lines in one direction, so you can see the lines cleanly. Then make the mountain folds by reversing the direction of the crease.
    3. If you look at the crease pattern around the center equilateral triangle are three obtuse Isosceles triangles. It is those being folded that creates the hexagon that is the fundamental shape of the box. After that the triangular sides stick up and they get folded into the box.
    4. The sides edges sticking out are tucked into the curved edge of the side.
    5. The top is made the same way.

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