Modular Kirigami

orange 1orange 2orange template

Once I realized a template worked for the knappa lamp I didn’t feel the need to make it.  Just playing with the previous design.  This will probably end my kirigami amusement as I don’t like all the cutting.  Little bits of paper are all over my place.


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  1. lena on

    great page and great ideas! I’ve been searching for more modular kirigami for some time, and found you.
    now, I’m new to kirigami and don’t want to bore you with “clever” comments, but if you don’t like cutting and that’s the end of your kirigami carreer, maybe you can find someone who can lasercut the paper for you? maybe at a modelmaking workshop of an architecture school or something?

  2. meadelie on

    Thats why we have craftrobo’s!
    Make a digital template and let the plotter cut the parts.
    I like this ball. Thank you for sharing.

    • cedison on

      That’s why you have a craft robo:) Every time I’ve put aside money to buy one I end up having something happen (like a car breakdown) once I finish my master’s it’s going to be my second purchase and I have a feeling I will be spending some ungodly hours with my new toy. Glad you like the ball.

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