Attempts to create the Ikea lamp

green kirigami000_4457.jpginsidetemplatedev template

After seeing this lamp posted on Eric’s website   I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the template would look like.  As the pictures show I was wrong, but I liked some of the consequences so I’ll post one of my templates.  Have fun.  You need 8 cut out, you are making a cube, although it does resemble a sphere.  I have more potential templates, but will post them later.  The difference between the green and tan is that I creased the green semicircles. If you connect the semicircles internally you get a very strong finished polyhedron.  I did it with a plastic cover divider and it was thrown around and had nary a scratch.  The second template I was sure would work, but I came up with an ocatahedron base, not an icosahedron.

Disclaimer:  This was so easy I’m sure everybody and their mother has designed this.

Update:  The second template I made was correct.  Someone found a link to a manual and it’s posted on Eric’s site through the comments.  The slot is horizontal, not at a 45 degree incline and the circles are shifted to the side of the vertices. 


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  1. Tracy on

    Hi. 40 years ago I bought that lamp at Ikea in Germany in a beautiful orange colour. They no longer sell it in a bright orange colour so I was delighted to find your site. There are a couple of things I can[‘t figure out though. Do you have a picture of the FINAL way the cuts should be drawn? Also, do you know how it hangs on the bulb? I guess I would have to buy some type of ring. Thanks.

  2. Tracy on

    PS. I can’t remember what the pieces looked like but I thought they were all rectangular. Anyway, if it looks anything like it at all, your drawing would still be interesting.

  3. cedison on

    Hi Tracy. If you go to Origamitesselations which is a linked website and type in ikea lamp there is a post with links that will help you. Also flickr has a series of pictures and instructions that should help.

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