“Things You Regret the Morning After”

mask sidemask1

In a pique of irritation I took apart the mask to start over only to find out the paper was overworked.  Well, regrets won’t bring it back.  I am working on a tesselation with the paper which I will put in this post when done. 


3 comments so far

  1. twitchyknitter on

    That’s amazingly beautiful. Can you point me to some sites that might help a 9 y/o budding math-geek/origami enthusiast learn more about his obsession?

  2. cedison on

    There’s a site flickr.com that has groups you join. There are multiple origami groups and some have picture tutorials that could help. We have a 12? year old who does amazing tesselations and people of all ages post.

  3. cedison on

    Also an easy site is oriland. Google origami instructions and a host of websites have diagrams.

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