Sliceform teapots and other things, oh my

I think sliceforms have a lot of potential for furniture and are just really cool. 

Richard Sweeney has amazing work with paper.  Encountering his sliceforms awhile back I was intrigued and made a few myself.  The blog has several pictures that’ll make you envious.

John Sharp has a book and posters available.

You can get his stuff here.


5 comments so far

  1. steven on

    i found this interesting blog and i have to say ‘Good Job’!
    i like the sliceform works, i have made one as a birthday card. please visit my site i have uploaded it =)

  2. cedison on

    Thanks. Your site has a lot of pictures. Busy Bee. I am going to refer a lady in Russia who also works in origamic architecture as well as sliceforms to your site.

  3. asteronimo on

    I got so excited by the subject that I wrote some software to create the sliceforms myself with the computer.

    It’s a plugin for the free Google SketchUp software, you can find it at Public Art International’s website:

    • cedison on

      That is awesome thanks for the link.

  4. Carol on

    I’ve only dabbled in sliceforms a little bit. Did try out asteronimo’s plugin. It seems to work well.

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